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  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.
Name Position Email Phone Website
Administration & Office Staff
Sloan, Abby Principal 253-571-6464  
Becker, Ariel Assistant Principal 253-571-6457  
Caldon, Janet Office Coordinator 253-571-6444  
Southern, Anita Office Secretary 253-571-6443  
Staff Alphabetical by Last Name
Byelashova, Olena Teacher 253-571-6405  
Caldon, Janet Office Coordinator 253-571-6405  
Chapel, Mertriss Social Worker 253-571-6454  
Christian, Vivian PreSchool Autism Teacher 253-571-6408  
Ciolek, Britney Teacher 253-571-6425 Sway Website
Cordova, Elizabeth Teacher 253-571-6430  
Couch, Elisa LRC Teacher 253-571-6413  
Despain, Shayne Kitchen Assistant 253-571-6437  
Edwards, Lakesha Autism Education Support Professional 253-571-6427  
Garrett, Danielle Nutrition Services dgarret1@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-6400  
Damazio, Jamie PTA kgerdes@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-6400  
Despain, Shayne Nutrition Services 253-571-6437  
Hays, Laytisha 3rd-5th Autism Teacher 253-571-6406  
Hildibrand, James Teacher 253-571-6448 Sway Website
Holiday-Tate, Reese Title 1 Education Support Professional 253-571-6418  
Hughes, Lynne Education Support Professional 253-571-6415  
Johnston, Scott Teacher 253-571-6410  
Jones, Jessica Teacher 253-571-6401  
Kilen, Beth Autism Education Support Professional 253-571-6408  
Klaport, Mike Title 1 Teacher 253-571-6418 Sway Website
Klauda, Suzie Title 1 Teacher 253-571-6416 Sway Website
Lindquist, Lauri School Psychologist 253-571-6453  
Loughlin, David Teacher 253-571-6447 Sway Website
Lowrey, Gary Night Custodian glowrey@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-6456  
Macdonald, Lauren School Counselor 253-571-6407 Sway Website
Mattsen, Tamara Head Child Nutritionist 253-571-6437  
McAuley, Stacy Education Support Professional 253-571-6408  
McCulley, Leslie Education Support Professional 253-571-6416  
McHolland, Aja Autism Education Support Professional 253-571-6415  
Merritt, Cassie Teacher Librarian 253-571-6421 Sway Website
Myers, Rebecca Teacher 253-571-6424 Sway Website
Newman, Ruthanne Education Support Professional 253-571-6429  
Odden, Dan Teacher 253-571-6432  
O'Neill, Stephanie Speech Therapist 253-571-6417  
Osborne, Cherisse Autism Education Support Professional 253-571-6427  
Parret, Michelle Teacher 253-571-6410  
Perez, Jesse K-2nd Autism Teacher 253-571-6406  
Peterson, Leann Teacher 253-571-6431 Sway Website
Piek, Alanna Teacher 253-571-6403  
Pierce, Maggie Teacher 253-571-6428  
Read, Ra'Shawn LRC Teacher 253-571-6405 Sway Website
Reese, Paul Autism Education Support Professional 253-571-6427  
Reyer, Greta PreSchool Autism Teacher 253-571-6408 Sway Website
Ross, Sirena Chief Custodian 253-571-6456  
Sandrock, Lisa Teacher 253-571-6402  
Sandvigen, Isaiah Night Custodian isandvi@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-6456  
Saravia, Rebecca Music Teacher 253-571-6422  
Schmauder, Janessa Speech Language Pathologist 253-571-6423  
Sloan, Abby Principal 253-571-6464  
Southern, Anita Office Secretary 253-571-6443  
Taylor, Jennifer Instructional Coach 253-571-6445  
Turlak, Tatyana Education Support Professional 253-571-6416  
Turner, Patricia Occupational Therapist 253-571-6414  
Turull, Stefane Nurse (M/T) 253-571-6439  
Tyler, Cory Occupational Therapist 253-571-6414  
Wilkinson, Jessica Teacher 253-571-6433 Sway Website
Woods, Sandra Teacher 253-571-6426 Sway Website
Yaguchi, Hiroko Physical Therapist 253-571-6414  
Zuill, Nancy COTA 253-571-6414  
Zyck, Pam ELL Teacher 253-571-6451